Energy transport and public lighting



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You are looking for

  • Must use low voltage solution with large cross section ? Are this expensive solution the only one ?
  • Realize your projects with AUGIER Energy transport solution and save money
  • Supply your Public lighting, cameras, pumps, fencing with 950V, 3200V, 5500V or 6600V networks

You are

  • City halls,
  • Engineers,
    Engineering offices,
  • Construction chiefs,
    Lighting unions...


AUGIER Oil & Gas Energy transport solutions
Supply Oil & Gas site with AUGIER low-cost solutions which support harsh conditions.

Energy transport

AUGIER Energy transport solution
More efficient, less expensive. Try our solutions and reduce your expenses up to 30%.

Airfield lighting

AUGIER - Airfield Lighting all over the world
Constant Current Regulators, Circuit Selectors, Automatic Switch Over, LED Lights, Remote Control...

Energy Saving

Reduce consumption
AUGIER solutions reduce power consumption up to 50%. Dimmer, Monitoring System, Light Unit Control...