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Remote control & Monitoring

Being a power products manufacturer, it was obvious for Augier to offer control systems for its products.

Simplified Remote Control System

The SBS1000 purpose is to replace aging electromechanical control desk offering an up to date and technologically advance solution.

This system was designed for small airport platforms in order to ease installation and commissioning operations, while offering a high level of performance.

To achieve this target, the functionality has been limited deliberately to manage up to ten CCRs and a few auxiliary devices such as wind socks or obstruction lights, in order to cover most of the needs of a small airport.

Single light Control System

Power carrier communication is part of Augier history; our first application was developed in the 70’s for EDF. Then airports benefit from our knowhow with a first version of Augier single lamp control and monitoring system, which new generation is now available. Its new design focuses on simplifying installation and operation, it also follows the trend of increased operation needs by reducing the response time of the system for instance.