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The airports use outdoor lighting as it is a main part in their operation.

The reserved areas, the areas under customs authority and the parking area plane (APRON) need a strong illumination which allows maintenance operations and safety of properties (materials) and persons. The peripheric areas, the access road to the airport, the car parks and the area of removal of the passengers towards terminals should also benefit from a performing and adapted lighting.

By installing AUGIER voltage dimmers in existing feeder pillars or even directly in the airport technical substation, you can modulate the luminous flow of the pole lamps and projectors. This correspondant energy is enough to allow a good efficiency of the installations while keeping a visual confort and saving energies. During the hours of reduced lighting, the economy can reach 50% while keeping an homogeneous lighting. Moreover, our order entries of the Augier COMPACTO dimmers allow, if necessary, to find immediately the maximum luminous flow if the devices are connected with a monitoring system (SCADA).

Due to our strong experience constant current regulators (airport field), the Augier COMPACTO dimmers are reliable and performing, they allow the good efficiency of the lighting in all the condition of use.


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