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Energy service company for energy savings

The experience of Augier allows us to handle your project from design to technical assistance. Our industry is specialized in electric distribution, airfield light and electrical energy savings. We provide solutions for all types of external projects.

An energy service company

Founded in 1954, our industry has attracted an international clientele for many years, whether for projects of equipment installation for airport or public lighting. Our products comply with international standards as well as European and our consultants are present on all five continents although our company is located in the Southern France. Our industry is able to manage the design, the manufacture or the technical assistance of products. Since 1954, Augier is became one of the largest specialists in led light and distribution of energy.

Energy savings solutions

For energy saving, Augier provides a full range of energy regulators covering all your needs whether it's managing the lighting of an industrial site or a tunnel or saving energy in public lighting. In airport, whether for led lighting, but also for power supplies of radio navigational aids or weather stations, the products of Augier are recognized worldwide. Because it is particularly suitable for networks lengths up to 30km, the electrical distribution solution allows electricity transmissionation with particular voltage that can erase distance constraints.

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