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Energy Transport

AUGIER Energy Transport solution allows energy transportation with particular voltage: 950 V, 3200 V, 5500 V or 6600 V. These voltages can erase distance constraints to supply one or more equipement and are particularly suitable for networks lengths up to 30 km.

With AUGIER solutions, it becomes possible to supply all exterior lighting projects (highway, bypass, car park), remote equipments (VMS, camera, radar), works of art (bridges, tunnels), large sites (ports and airports) and all other applications (solar, nuclear, railway, tramway...).

AUGIER solutions reduce installation costs significantly and facilitate the implementation of projects by the use of small cable section. For 50 years, AUGIER has designed and manufactured equipment suitable for energy transport such as power transformer, power station and tight transformer. AUGIER could be your partner and propose its solution for your projects.