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Power supply on large sites

On a large site (see example herunder), your project is to bring energy in several aeras (engines, pumps, cameras, park lights, roads,…), far from the electric providing point and expanded without no alignement on all the surface to feed. Those sites are not considered as big power rating (some tens to 2 or 3 hundreds kW) so a MV network (20kV or equivalent) is not the best solution (too expensive, too visible, disproportionate).

AUGIER studies with you the MV and LV solutions. The chosen solution will contribute to create, in one energy plant, the voltage which will be used to the transportation and distribution of the energy up to the farest aeras. AUGIER manufactures material substation and IP68 watertight transformers which are installed near the farest aeras. AUGIER is manufacturing also "wireless" systems of supervision (usable without additional cable).


  1. Airports
  2. Service areas
  3. Racecourses, stadiums
  4. Industrial plants
  5. Multimodal plateforms
  6. Ports
  7. Industrial zones