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Remote consumers

Bring a few kilowatts or tens of kilowatts, about 1 to several miles can not do (or too expensive) in LV cables. The HV solution is also disproportionate. Additionally, if your project is to power 2, 3 (or more) distant points between them, the solution is to choose to bring the energy with a voltage suitable for this distance constraint. We recommend 950V or 4,160V & 6,600V (either 3,200v & 5,500V).

AUGIER studies with you, the solution of the transmission voltage and then built all the components (transformers and step down substations, except cables) needed to the project with efficiency and discretion (IP68 transformer, outdoor step down substations).


  1. Power supply of video cameras (CCTV)
  2. Power supply of Variable Message Panels
  3. Power supply of pumps and engines