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Lighting management of Périphérique Nord Tunnel - Lyon, FRANCE

Varying the light intensity of the lamps inside a tunnel is a matter of road safety. AUGIER dimmers installed in the longest tunnel of Boulevard Périphérique Nord - Lyon (4 km) modulate the light intensity of the lamps compared to the light intensity at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, thereby improving the day and night vision to ensure safety of road traffic.


  • Regulate, continuosly, the supply voltage to modulate the light intensity in 4 km long tunnel.
  • Remotely control and monitor the status of the dimmers.
  • Power the dimmers 24/7 in a difficult environment (dust).


  • 21 dimmers COMPACTO three phase of power 18 / 27 / 36 kVA.
  • 0-10V analogue control of the variation.
  • Information extraction possible (consumption, energy savings) through a RS485 connection.


  • Supply of dimmers on prewired turntables.
  • Setting up dimers with a simple and intuitive PC software via USB connection.
  • Permanent lighting, even in case of dimmer failure.

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