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Cannes-Mandelieu Airport

Airfield Lighting for Cannes - Mandelieu Airport, FRANCE

Airfield Lighting at Augier dates back to over 30 years. Constant current regulators are recognized around the world. Augier also has a range of transformers adapted to power radio navigation aids or weather stations. Augier products also feed lighting of fence, access roads and vehicles or aircraft parking.

Recently, Augier installed lighting controllers and supervision system at the Cannes-Mandelieu Airport.


  • Renovation of constant current regulators.
  • Installation of new constant current regulators for the main runway.
  • Update airfield lighting supervision system.


  • Renovation of constant current regulators with DIAM4100 and installation of DIAM3100 for the main runway. Advantages of regulateurs:
    • Robust - indépendant of the frequency or waveform.
    • PC software incorporating measures and oscilloscopes.
    • Easy maintenance: simple to set-up via USB.
    • Multiple possibilities of monitoring / control (Ethernet, RS485, ...).
  • Installation of supervision system SBS1000:
    • Upgrade (adding runway function or auxiliary devices) quickly and easily without additional hardware.
    • Equipment fault diagnosis in local regulators and land elements (flash lights, windsock, electricity supply, ...).
    • Integration of radio control system.
    • Simplified airfield lighting management (one or more controllers at once).
Le Système SBS1000 de supervision différencie par une grande souplesse de configuration, une architecture très simple de grande robustesse mais
de maintenance aisée, une grande facilité d’utilisation, ainsi que par un coût particulièrement bas.

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