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AUGIER Monitoring system for substation has been designed to ensure the maintenability of the public lighting systems such as 5500V substations.

AUGIER GTCEP system keep an eye on substations equipement such as : 5500V cells, power transformers and HV cells. For example, « Substation Door OPEN » informs us of any intrusion in the substation. The principle is simple and efficient.



AUGIER offers two versions of monitoring :

  • The GTCEP-L, light version, notifies a technician by sending a SMS to his mobile phone. The SMS mentions the type of the alarm and/or default so the technician can schedule its troubleshooting
  • The GTCEP-C, full version, in addition to SMS notification, this full version sends also all informations to a monitoring PC installed in the client control station. The monitoring PC save all these information in its database in order to reuse this amount of data for reporting and maintenance stuff.

Specifications :

  • IHM :
    • 1 PC
    • 1 main vue + 1 maintenance view
  • Interface : PLC cabinet with GSM (SMS messages)
  • Monitored equipement : HV cells, substation equipments
  • Communication : RS485 MODBUS/RTU, Ethernet


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