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SBS 1000 - Simplify Beaconing Supervision


SBS1000 simplified supervision system was design to meet the need of small and medium size airports, where remote control and lighting monitoring is performed traditionally by mean of electromechanical desk or by mean of simple switches and light signals.

The core of the system is included inside the supervision cabinet, wall mounted, preferably located close to the material, CCR or other equipment to be monitored.



Advantages :

  • Simple and robust architecture
  • Versatile system
  • Simplified maintenance

Specifications :

  • IHM :
    • 1 to 2 PC with touch screen
    • 1 main view + 1 maintenance view
  • Interface : Cabinet with industrial Ethernet gateway
  • Monitored equipments : Up to 10 CCR and 4 to 8 I/O
  • Communication : JBUS serial link, Ethernet Modbus/TCP


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